Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: What to Consider When Planning a Golf Resort Vacation

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First, you need to consider your travel mates, will the trip be made alone, with a partner, with a group or with your family. Next consider whether you prefer to do all the research and make reservations by yourself. Alternatively, you may prefer to hand the entire job over to either a family member, your partner, someone in the group or a travel agent. You will need to consider these factors and make a firm decision on your course of action.

Personal trips mean budget considerations; will you and your partner stay at a Bed and Breakfast and stroll down to the local golf course to play or will you choose a golf resort vacation? Resorts do not come cheap but with some time and effort invested in research you can find some really good deals from the smaller, not so famous resorts. Usually if the golf course is absolutely super, you will have problems with rooms or food; you have to decide what is really important to you when choosing your golf resort vacation.

For real golf enthusiasts, golfing is all they care about, so that means an excellent golf course. Food will take a back seat so partners, family watch out! Online photos can be misleading, you can see pictures that show off what purports to be the best golf course in the world and by association the best golf resort as well. Write to them ask about the exact location of the course and the surrounding areas as well. If you get an honest reply well and good; if you do not you can always drop that option.

When you have a short list of your golf resort vacation spots, contact them to find out about tee times and booking procedures. Try to complete all the formalities so that you have your tee times all nicely tied up and do not forget to inquire about their pro shop golf equipment options.

Find out how far the golf course is from the main resort and the mode of transportation used to get there. Will the resort provide you with a golf cart or do you have to rent one?

Now you need to consider other interests and activities as well when choosing golf resort vacation spots. If you are travelling with a partner or family who do not share your absolute passion for golf, plan carefully before you book an all golf vacation. Many resorts are centrally located so that you have access to good eating places, cultural activities and shopping centers. If your family are happy with the outdoors, then try to find resorts that are located in natural settings rather than in urban ones.

Always choose your golf resort vacation spot and plan your trip with the complete involvement of your partner or family, you will have more fun this way.