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Golf Winner: A Simple Guide To Curing Your Golf Slice

How To Play Golf

When it comes down to a golfer slicing a golf ball, basically everybody who has ever picked up a club and took a shot has seen a slice. Unless your some sort of golfing prodigy that is. There could be many reasons why you or anybody else tends to slice the golf ball. To cure your golf slice you need to first of all pin point were the problem is originating from. A few of the main reasons why so many people slice the ball are, a persons stance, their swing, and their grip. A closer look at these three elements would provoke an improvement in your tendency to slice your shots.

Now….Let’s begin with the correct grip. This is an important issue in golf and many think that the harder they hold the golf club the more power they will get. Well, I’ve got new for you, it doesn’t work, and most of all, your grip pressure can cause the ball to slice or hook. The stronger the grip, the more chance you have of hooking the ball, because when the club is held to tightly, the club face tends to be closed on impact. Too weak of a grip will lead to a slice, because the club tends to be too open on impact with a weak grip. The right grip pressure to use is about 5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest and 1 being the lightest.

If, after that you are still seeing a slice in your shots, it may mean that you have the slightest problem with your stance. The basics of a golf stance are:

  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart

  • The line of your shoulders should be facing the target

  • Your trailing foot should be facing straight out

  • Your front foot should be ever so slightly out facing the target

  • The ball should be a club heads width on the inside of your front foot

  • When you look down at address your left eye should be directly over the golf ball (or right if you’re a left handed golfer)

Now, head on down to the practice range and hit some balls until you get used to your new setup.

One more thing you can alter to cure your golf slice is your swing. The backswing is most likely the main culprit in your swing that causes your shot to slice. On the backswing the lower shaft of the golf club and the club head should go past and over your shoulder. The actual position of your clubs face can tend to cause a slice. While you want your clubs face to be perfect on impact (slightly open) you don’t need to alter the position of it in your backswing or downswing, as your hips and your torso will work to get it into position themselves.

Although the backswing is the main problem that can cause a slice, the downswing shouldn’t be neglected in this case. The downswing also has to be correct. A good downswing should always start with the hips and not with the arms as many people tend to believe.

Now…It may take a lot of practice before you begin to get used to your alterations in your swing, grip, and stance, but remember, if you revert back to your old ways you will never eliminate that slice.

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Golf Winner: “Las Vegas” - Gambling, Golf And Good Times

How To Play Golf

In my previous writings I spoke about my Myrtle Beach and Disneyworld golf vacations, which are two excellent choices for golf and vacation destinations, no two ways about it. I had been alternating between both places for about ten years and had some great times but we were ready for a change, for something different. Where would we go next ? I had always wanted to return to Las Vegas since my first visit there in 1976, but just never had the opportunity. I had stopped in Las Vegas for three days on my return trip home from my Honeymoon in Hawaii, my favorite place on the planet, met some friends there and had a blast.

In 2002, my 50th birthday was quickly approaching and my significant other surprised me with a gift that I did not expect, a four day golf trip to Las Vegas. Can it get any better ? I guess maybe a five or six day trip would be better but she wanted to make sure we did not go broke while we were there so four days was a good compromise. We were staying at the MGM on Las Vegas Blvd., more commonly known as “The Strip”, where most of the more famous hotels in the city were aligned. From Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, Excalibur and New York, New York on the one end to Circus, Circus, The Riviera, The Sahara, and The Stratosphere on the other, and The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris and Bally’s in between how could you go wrong ?

Then there was the golf. Upon review of the available golf courses we chose three venues that we thoroughly enjoyed. We played Bears Best, a Jack Nicklaus design and who is my favorite player of all time, as some of you may remember from a previous writing, Angel Park, an Arnold Palmer design and another magnificent golf venue, which includes three courses, The Mountain being my favorite, and last but certainly not least is Bali Hai, adjacent Mandalay Bay, right on the Strip. Jacks’ Bears Best course was designed by utilizing the signature hole layouts of some of his other outstanding golf course acomplishments to date and reproducing them in the Las Vegas landscape. The green fairways contrasting with the desert mountains and sand dunes in the background was a breathtaking site, especially if you have never been in the desert before. Angel Park was also very enjoyable and there was a great view of the golf course and a real green miniature golf course, (the only one I had ever seen) right off the dining veranda and the club house. It was a great setting for lunch as we took in the gorgeous panoramic view. Bali Hai was as exotic as the name exudes. With well over two thousand Palm Trees imported by the course designers, and many thousands of other varied forms of exotic plant life, complimented by the beautiful white sand bunkers, it added a tropical touch of the South Pacific to the desert, a unique and fun innovation to say the least. After 36 holes of golf at Bali Hai, my birthday celebration meal was a real treat. Dinner at the elegant Wolfgang Puck, “Cili” restaurant located right on premises, in the club house, at the Bali Hai golf course. The design and the ambiance of the restaurant and clubhouse was a continuation of the tropical theme so blatantly displayed on the golf course. Great food, fine wine, dessert and espresso with a touch of Sambuca to top off the meal, which included some live piano music playing in the background was the icing on my birthday cake so to speak.

After our dining experience at Cili’s we headed to the casinos. New York City is known as “The City That Never Sleeps”, but Las Vegas is the literal personification of that expression. We walked from one end of the Strip to the other stopping at almost every well known Casino in town and all the joints were hopping no matter what time we went in. New York, New York, MGM, The Bellagio, Caesars, Bally’s and Paris were our favorite stops. I actually won a few grand at The Bellagio but gave it right back at the Paris, but you only live once ( or do you ? - a topic for another time)so having fun should be the priority. It’s only money. Once you become enamored with the casino atmosphere and lack of daylight and get into a hot run on the Blackjack or Craps tables, it is very easy to transpose night and day. The hours pass quickly and I see many people having dinner at 5:00 or 6:00am and breakfast at 10:00pm or midnight for that matter. Since we were playing golf , we usually went to sleep around midnight and were out and about by 5:00am or so the next morning, which is when we noted the varied dining habits of the habitual gamblers and night time crowd.

As we strolled down the Vegas Strip I could almost feel the presence of some of the larger than life personalities who frequented Las Vegas in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy and the rest of the Rat Pack to name a few. I was especially reminded of Frank because Frank Jrs.’ face was plastered on the big sceeen video monitor and he was singing all of his dads hits and doing a pretty good job of it at that. Wayne Newton has been a lifer in Vegas and is still as popular as ever. Las Vegas has perhaps the biggest line up of top notch entertainment in the world. Wayne Newton, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Tony Bennett and The Blue Man Group plus the first class Magic acts and much more all entertain in Las Vegas. The list of famous Las Vegas personalities from the Golden Age would not be complete without including mention of perhaps the most well known and idolized entertainer of all time, Mr. Las Vegas himself, the veritable “King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley”. His name is synonymous with the hierarchy of Las Vegas Royalty, they don’t refer to him as the King for nothing. The list goes on and on, but just check on line if you are planning a visit and you will note a dozen or more top rated shows at any particular time you may choose to plan a trip there. On our next night we walked the entire Strip again (aka Las Vegas Boulevard) starting at Mandalay Bay and finishing at the Sratosphere. We stopped in a least a half dozen Casinos, including MGM, New York, New York, Paris, Ballys’ and The Bellagio. The lights were incredible and the water light show in front of The Bellagio was most enjoyable and entertaining. It also kept me out of the casinos for a while longer and saved me some dough which made the time spent there that much more rewarding.

We revisited Las Vegas about four months later and we got some great deals on golf and hotel rooms. I guess they figured they should lower the rates for anyone crazy enough to play golf in 114 degree temperatures. It was tough I must say, but we played and still had a good time, wet face cloths and all. It was another wonderful vacation under our belt and they just keep getting better. If you’re considering Las Vegas for your next trip, I can guarantee you won’t be bored. It truly is the “City That Never Sleeps”. You can get some terrific packages, both for golf or just to stay and play at the resorts. Las Vegas is truly the ultimate playground for the over 21 crowd. Happy Vacationing and Golfing To All!

Article source: Mike D’Auria

Golf Winner: Golf- Some Collateral Benefits Of The Game

How To Play Golf

In a previous writing I stated that I had been playing golf for about thirty years or so. For the first 13 years of the thirty, I had played the game but never realized the collateral benefits to be derived from the game. I used to arrive at the golf course, set up my bag and clubs on the golf cart, and proceed to go out on the course and beat that little white ball around until it got into the intended hole. Golf was meant to be a fun and delightful experience, not one of frustration or anger because the ball did not respond to your every whim and command. For the new or beginning golfer, who has not experienced the roller coaster ride of emotions and frustrations that you can encounter during a round of golf, don’t be disheartened, you soon will. That is unless you employ the proper mindset right from the beginning and do not take the game too seriously.

I planned my first golf trip in April of 1990 and decided to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina “The Golf Capital Of The World”. My experience on that trip and subsequent trips gave me a whole new outlook on the game. I guess you can say it was a Turning Point in my perception of what golf was really all about. You can think of it as just a game, like I did for the first 13 years playing, or you can realize and enjoy the more obscure collateral benefits of the game. What are these benefits, you ask ? Take the time to “Stop And Smell The Roses”. What do I mean by that ? Most golf courses are designed utilizing the natural beauty of the surrounding terrain as a backdrop. Beside the beauty of the course itself you can often see nature at its best. When I started visiting Myrtle Beach and subsequently Florida, the wildlife and surrounding fauna and plant life was incredible. Not to mention the huge sprawling Elms, Oaks and Magnificent Cypress Trees and Palms, whose mere presence and appearance exuded a climate of an exhillirating and sometime exotic nature. Speaking of Nature, there have been many a morning that I have ventured out onto a course only to encounter a family of deer meandering across the fairway or grazing in the brush adjacent any particular golf hole. Some of my most memorable experiences, where I have encountered nature at its best, were at Pawleys Plantation ( near Pawleys Island - South part of the Grand Strand and a Jack Nicklaus design ), The Witch ( off of Route 544 south of 501) , and Oyster Bay ( Located in North Carolina ).

The first time I visited The Witch ( early 1990’s), it was an eerie but exhilarating experience. I normally schedule the tee time early, around 7:00am, so we can play 36 holes if we so choose. When we arrived at the course, we signed in at the pro shop, saw the starter and were sent out to the first tee. The first tee is a good distance from the clubhouse, which by the way is built in the shape of a witches hat. A few minutes later we arrived at a secluded area at the first tee. It was prior to sunrise and I would guess about a quarter mile or so away from the clubhouse. There was a misty fog hovering over the ground everywhere. It blanketed the cart paths and the golf course, that added an eerie but appropriate ambiance to the setting of The Witch.The course was named, “The Witch” - how much more appropriate can you get ? Once the sun rose and the fog burned off, the course returned to its normal beauty and persona. On the next hole we were greeted by an alligator attempting to make some unsuspecting bird his prey. I guess the bird was flying too low over one of the ponds where the gator lived and he was looking for breakfast but luckily for the bird, he got away. I have seen at least a dozen or more gators in my last 18 years or so visiting Myrtle Beach and Florida. Most of the time the gator would be resting peacefully along side the golf hole sunning themselves. Even though the gator appeared to be sleeping, I would not recommend retrieving a golf ball that may have come within close proximity to them.

Although I only mentioned three courses as my most memorable experiences, almost every course has so much to offer in the way of natural beauty and wildlife, not to mention the intrinsic beauty of the golf course itself. Many golf courses provide homes to many varied forms of wildlife, including families of turtles, ducks, geese and the like abounding in their ponds and man made and natural lakes and streams alike. Swans, Ospreys, Egrets, Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and so many other species of birds too numerous to mention also abound around the courses in the temperate southern climate of Myrtle Beach and Florida. Since vacationing in Myrtle Beach almost 18 years ago I have enjoyed the experience of golf so much more.

The game of golf in itself is a wonderful experience but coupled with the beauty of nature and the associated wildlife and plant life that abounds on most courses, it provides and unbeatable combination for enjoying the game. While playing a game that I enjoy more than any other on the planet, the exhilaration and experience is now magnified many times since I have learned to “Stop And Smell The Roses” during the course of my round. We all want to play well but the enjoyment of the complete golf experience should be your first priority and not just what you score on your card. Take a tip from me - the next time you are on a golf trip or visiting your local course, “Stop And Smell The Roses”. It will add a different perspective to the game that you may have never realized or appreciated before.

I would like to mention another, perhaps, more important collateral benefit of the game. Golf can be a frustrating and delightful experience at the same time. One or two holes you may play well, and then wonder what transpired on the next when you double bogey or worse ? It’s the nature of the beast. When I am having a bad day on the golf course I recall a book given to me that taught me some very important aspects of the game.Golf can be a game of enlightenment about yourself and about life. I feel compelled to recommend the aforementioned book that I was given as a birthday gift by my sister and mother about a year ago. It is called “Golf For Enlightenment” The Seven Lessons Of Life by Deepak Chopra. I had heard of Mr. Chopra before but I am an avid fan of his now. If you take this somewhat spiritual journey with Adam and Leela, Mr. Chopras characters in the book, you may be amazed to see how playing the game of golf could relate to the game of life itself.

Article source: Mike D’Auria

Golf Winner: Can You Swing Like A Girl?

How To Play Golf

There is a similarity between a mans golf swing and a womens’ golf swing and I am referring to the professional and the amateur alike. First of all, because men are physically stronger and to pinpoint just where I am inferring here, arm strength. Having studied the golf swing, it’s easy to see the difference at full speed. When you slow down a video, it becomes clearer that a man can delay the club head from releasing until the last millisecond. Women, on the other hand will release the club head when their arms have traveled to about waist level. The top womens’ long hitters can hold it just a little more than this, although not as much as a man. Besides the accuracy the girls have with their full shots, I believe it’s their putting that shows to be their strength. Woman have more sensitivity in their finger tips.

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule and a select few ladies can hit the ball fairly long distances. The main reason for this however is perfect timing and being able to move their hips very rapidly to accelerate the club as fast as they do. Laura Davies, the talent English Golfer is pretty strong and takes a healthy cut at the ball. Michelle Wie is very gifted and also extremely subtle. Able to generate great speed because of her athletic attributes. These are a couple of the longer hitting ladies but when it comes to being able to delay the force of the upcoming hit of the golf ball, most women will have to release the club head when their arms are close to waist high on the down or forward swing.

If Ms Wie ever learns to get her total power harnessed to the point of not going full bore on all her shots, she could start making records that no one has ever seen. She does have a long way to go, however.

Regarding some very talented female players today. With all the focus on Lorena Ochoa and of course the great Annika Sorenstam, many may have never heard of Mickey Wright, that is unless you are over fifty years old.

If you ever get a chance to watch movies or videos of one of, if not the greatest woman golfer of all time, check out the most powerful and graceful swing of Mickey Wright. There are many comparisons with her swing and many of todays’ top male golfers.

Just a note for many younger golfers who may not have heard of the lean gal from California. The Associated Press voted her The Greatest Female Golfer of the 20th Century. I’ll take her on my team any day.

See you on the green ~

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Golf Winner: Golf Swing Training Aids

How To Play Golf

Everyone is looking for the best golf swing training aid that will straighten out that slice or make the ball stop like a dime when it lands on the green. And are there a lot of them out there just waiting for you and your hard earned money. You can find footprints that can help you stance, specially designed golf balls, contraptions that hold you still as you duplicate that perfect swing and many mechanical devices. There is also a full complement of videos, DVDs, books and diagrams, all guaranteed to shave shots off your score.

Some of these teaching aids are great and some are complete rip offs. The secret is to decide exactly what part of your game you need to improve and then find a teaching aid that focuses on that particular golf skill. Then, use the darn thing. Not just on your way to the course , but set up a daily schedule and follow it. Maybe its only for ten minutes, but that’s fine. Simply put, golf swing training aids help your body memorize the correct muscle movement as you swing the golf club. The more you repeat the exercise, the faster your brain will retain the action and send the plan along to the appropriate muscle groups. The PGA pros didn’t develop their great golf swings by accident. They all spend thousands of hours swinging all of their golf clubs in every possible situation they can experience on the golf course. That’s why is looks so easy on Sunday afternoon.

Most amateurs are interested in golf teaching aids that focus on the actual golf swing. However, a training aid that works for your driver, probably won’t help make that delicate chip shot a few feet from the cup. They are completely different golf shots and use different muscle groups. Therefore, it is best to shop for a training aid that specifically addresses the specific part of your golf game you want to improve.

Before buying, do some research. The best place for this is online. Google golf training aids and start to check out some of the web sites that show up in your browser. Don’t get drawn in by the hype. Remember, you are simply gathering information. The buying comes later. Is the site, just selling, or do they offer helpful information about improving your golf game and specific reasons why their product will solve your problem. A great place to get information is the FAQ page. If the web site doesn’t have one or it is stuffed full of hype, go somewhere else.

Make sure the web site is not a one product wonder. Credible online golf training aid web sites offer a wide variety of golf teaching aids. This lets you know they are professionals and serious about their business. Finally, see if any “name” golf professionals endorse or even better, participate in developing and presenting some instruction with their training aids. The men and women have a reputation and simply aren’t interested in promoting a training aid that won’t help the golfer.

Finally, make sure there is a good instruction manual or video that comes with the golf club training aid. Nothing is worse than not quite understanding how it works and then finding out it was being used incorrectly.

Whatever golf training aid you choose, stick with it. Believe in it and above all practice with it.

Article Source:’brien

Golf Winner: The C.O.G. Golf Swing

How To Play Golf

Where do you Start?
Let’s start with equipment. I’m not going to get into your set make up or equipment brand, we can talk about that later, what I’m interested in at the moment, are your grips.

I don’t care how good your equipment is, or how much it cost…if your grips are not in good shape, I, (or any Pro for that matter) cannot properly teach you how to swing a golf club.

Almost everyone I come in contact with on the range or at the club takes pretty good care of his or her golf clubs, with the exception of the grips.

The only contact you have with the golf ball is directly through the grips of your golf clubs, you have to take care of them.

A Professional golfer has their grips cleaned after practice sessions, before a round, during a round, and has them changed regularly.

Have you cleaned your grips yet? Your grips should feel slightly tacky in your hands so you don’t have to squeeze your golf club, which robs you of the ability to swing the golf club with any speed or consistency.

Most grips today are still made out of rubber or a rubber compound that can be kept in “like new” condition simply with hot soapy water.

When you play golf or practice, the dust, dirt, and oil from your hands gets ground into the pores of the rubber, clogging them up and making your grips slick and hard. Washing your grips will clean out the pores making your grips feel tacky again and ready for your next round.

If your grips have been neglected for a while, try a window cleaner solution on them, this will cut through the oils and dirt and should bring even a neglected grip back to life. If they have been badly neglected and you can’t get them back to a “tacky” state, have them replaced at your local Pro-Shop.

The good news is they’re very inexpensive, starting at around $2.00, and while you’re there you can have them sized to fit your hand perfectly.

This will help immensely when you learn to swing the golf club using the C.O.G. effortless power method. OK, now that you’ve got your grips cleaned and looked after, keep them that way, like I said earlier, every Professional golfer has new grips or has their grips cleaned before every round.

If you have a high tech grip material and you’re not sure what to clean them with, simply contact the manufacturer and ask, they will last longer and perform much better. Notice at the top and the bottom of your grip. There is a small hash mark that indicates the center mark of your shaft, these are very important marks, take notice of them now, and we’ll talk more about them later. Now that we have that looked after, we can talk about the BOSS of the golf club.


Your target side hand, (the one with the glove) is the Boss of the golf club, that’s why we wear the glove on that hand. On the target hand, (the left hand for right handed golfers) the top three fingers assume control of the golf club. This is the Pinky, the Ring, and the Middle finger, (2) leaving the index finger and thumb to rest lightly on the grip. When these three fingers are in control of the golf club, you will be able to swing the club at a high speed with very little effort and fire your “Piston” *(release the club head), however, if your trail hand (right hand for right hand golfers) gets involved, it will slow down the swinging process and turn the action into a “hit”. Work on keeping the target hand the BOSS of the club, this will help prevent two other common problems,

1)The hole in the glove…

2)The “fat” shot…

Hole in your glove?

1)If you are the golfer that always has a hole in the heel of your golf glove, not only am I going to save you $50 to $100 dollars in golf gloves this year alone, but also should save you a quite a few strokes as well. The hole in your golf glove comes from the BOSS fingers giving up control of the golf club. When you take your back swing, if at the top of your swing, the BOSS fingers have let go, creating a gap between your fingers and the heel of your hand; the hole in the glove is soon to follow.(Piston) refers to the action of releasing the club head.

Why does this happen?

Head of a swinging golf club weighs about a pound for every mile per hour it moves through centrifugal force. A typical golf professional moves the club head from the address position to the top of the backswing in approximately 1 second. At the point of transition to the down swing, the club head weighs about 14 pounds. That’s the equivalent of a 14-pound weight being held by the top 3 fingers of the target (gloved) hand. Most people can hold this weight OK but if the club travels to the top of the swing faster than that, the transition weight of the club head becomes heavier and the separation of the top 3 fingers (or the GAP) occurs. When the (GAP) happens, you transfer control of the club head to the Trail hand (right hand) and the butt end of the grip rubs or tears the leather of the glove on the transition to the downswing. This all happens very quickly and is hard to catch if you don’t know what to look for or what is actually happening. The dreaded hole in the glove is NOT a normal occurrence in golf; it is the product of a change of control of the golf club from your target hand, to your trail hand during the course of transition from the top of your back swing to the beginning of your down swing. This action can and even MUST be controlled if you are to learn to swing a golf club like you see your favorite Professional swing it every day. We’ll discuss how to control this little later on in the book when we set up the easy 3-piece golf swing and discover that 1-move can solve 4 problems we have in the backswing alone and set us up for consistency and power in our swing towards the target.

2.) The other benefit of learning to control your golf club with the top 3 fingers of the BOSS hand at the transition point to the downswing is controlling the “FAT” shot. The fat shot is the one where you stick the club head into the ground before it touches the golf ball, sending it trickling mere feet from where you’re standing. The fat shot is a totally wasted stroke as little or no ground is covered and we have to hit the same shot over again. At the transition point of your golf swing when the club changes direction back to the ball, if your BOSS hand loses control of the golf club, the weight of the club head rests on the trigger finger (index finger) of your Trail hand (right hand) and that hand becomes the BOSS of the golf club at that moment. Once the trail hand becomes the BOSS of the golf club, the down swing motion becomes too steep and your trail hand throws the club head into the ground behind the ball. If this is the case, you may have noticed your ball position creeping back in your stance and your shots traveling too low and too far for the club you’re using at the moment. This is a side effect of a weak BOSS hand; you have to change the geometry of your golf swing in order to make contact with the ball. When this condition develops, all kinds of mistakes can happen as you try to judge where the bottom of your swing is going to happen. Always remember, when your target side hand (the one with the glove) is the BOSS of the golf club, the bottom of your golf swing will always be on your Center of Gravity (shirt-button) so you can predict proper ball position, trajectory, and distance control of each club in your bag, and eliminate the dreaded FAT shot.

Article source: Rob Bernard

Golf Winner: Practice Your Basic Golf Swing

How To Play Golf

Today, if you step into a bookstore and look around, you will be surprised that there are lots of books and videos that will teach you how to play golf better, such as the correct body posture, golf equipment, etc. Now, if you seriously want to improve your golf swing, let me give in on a simple tip. Practice! Yup, that’s it… Practice, and plenty and plenty of practice! It is most effective way to improve, and it cost you nothing at all. Practice make perfect, that’s right! There is no denying of that.

If you are a newbie in golf, fret not! You just need to have some guidance that show how do you carry out a perfect golf swing. From there onwards, you just have to practice on a consistent basis if you want to see improvement in your golf. For the rest of you that have been playing golf on a regular basis, you just need to remember to make the right adjustments to improve your golf swing during your game.

Even though I have emphasize that practicing is important, many newbies fell into the trap of playing “catch up” with the latest trend. They will just follow any new methods in an attempt to improve their golf swing when they actually possess the most basic and yet powerful skillset in golf. That is to how to hit a golf ball correctly. By deciding to practice and pay attention to how you are carrying out your golf swing, you will be able to see for yourself how small adjustments can have a great effect on how well you play.

Even professional golfers know this. One of the most key factors to improve their game is practice. The same apply to average golfers too. It will not make any sense to be trying system ‘X’ of improving your golf swing for this week, and next week you are already trying out system ‘Y’ that promise to allow you to improve your golf swing in a shorter time! Don’t be caught with your pants down! Remember there are just that many ways to swing a golf club.

Therefore, next time if you got some useful instructions or feedback on your golf swing, tell yourself that only by practicing will you be able to see the improvement. Playing golf does not work just by reading a book or watching a video. You got to apply what you had read or watched. Although you might be felt uncomfortable initially, you will soon get over it and give yourself a pat in the back as you see for yourself how you have improved over the time with your determined dedication to consistently practice your golf swing. Congratulations!

Article source: Ferror Parker

Golf Winner: Instruction Versus Self Teaching And Other Options

How To Play Golf

Golf can be fun no matter how skilled a person may be, but it’s human nature to enjoy something more if you are good and excel at it. Wouldn’t you agree?I know from personal experience that when I play well I feel much more exhilarated than when I have a bad round. Either way I enjoy the challenge of the game and always look forward to return and try to play better the next time. That’s why taking lessons will help you attain your highest level of skill and allow you to enjoy the game much faster than self teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, I self taught as stated earlier, and learning was a real challenge but I enjoyed the ride. So if lessons are not for you right now, for whatever reason, tight budget, time constraints, etc. don’t let the joy of playing golf slip away by giving up. Self teach or learn from a friend or relative, watch video training DVD’s (check ads on this site for some excellent teaching aids) read books on golf like I did, but whatever you do don’t give up. You will be missing out on one of the greatest games ever devised by man.

There are many options to take golf lessons and the most important thing you can do is to select an instructor or teaching professional who is patient and doesn’t mind working with a new golfer. Some teachers may be very good but do not have the patience and fortitude required for the beginner. I would suggest to get a recommendation from someone who plays, if possible, or interview the proposed teacher and explain that you are a new golfer and get a feel or reaction if they will be right for you.

I actually did take a lesson or two a few years after I started playing but I was very disappointed with the teacher. All he did was watch me swing and say “OK that looks good”, no recommendations or advice on grip, set-up, tempo, timing, swingpath, repetitive swing thoughts, relaxing techniques, grip pressure - NOTHING and for that reason I was soured on lessons for quite a time.

I have to admit that I changed my mind when I saw some good pros in action so please don’t let my experience sour you on the idea. I was at the local Golfsmith store about a year ago and I noted they had a supplementary section of the store just for lessons and practice. I was a bit unhappy with my game as of late and I wondered if they might be able to help. I bit the bullet so to speak and enrolled in a series of lessons for about $700.This included about ten sessions with the pro, including Video monitoring and playback, so you could see your swing in action. He was able to point out my swing deficiencies and I had direction of what I needed to correct in order to get back on track. Since you cannot see your own swing it is difficult to correct a swing fault by yourself. A good tool to use to practice is a mirror where you can stop and look at your swing during each step of the way, but you first need to learn the proper basics or you still won’t know what you are doing right or wrong in your reflection.

A new player should minimally take a series of ten or even 20 lessons and schedule a monitored practice (which Golfsmith and some other golf schools offer ) to really put you on the right track to play. Your instructor will be able to rate your progress and you will see the results yourself as you begin to play. How quickly you improve will be the determining factor as to how many lessons an individual may need. If money is no object there are some excellent resorts that offer Instruction and Playing Packages.

These can also be found on and many are built around some of the finest vacation spots in the world. For the tighter budget but still opting for a lesson or two, try the local pro golf shop or resident driving range instructor. Remember to ask them if they are experienced in teaching the beginner and let them know that this is your requirement. Happy Golfing!

Article source: Mike D’Auria

Golf Winner: Golf - Learn To Play

How To Play Golf

There are many options available to learn to play golf. You can self teach, have a relative or friend teach you, go to your resident pro at the driving range, take lessons from the golf professional at your country club or pro shop, go to golf-tec at the Golfsmith locations or if your high school or college offers a golf program join the program. The method you choose can greatly affect how quickly you learn and how adept you become at the game. At the time I started playing I opted to teach myself. I read “The Golfers Bible ” and “The Five Fundamentals of Golf” by Ben Hogan. The books were both very informative and contained valuable information to help one get started to play. In my opinion, and any one who knows about the history of golf would agree, Ben Hogan was one of the most natural and skilled golfers who ever played the game. I was confident that any book that he authored on golf could only be informative and benefit someone who wanted to learn to play. I can attest first hand that it helped me tremendously.

In retrospect, depending on one’s budget and how quickly someone wants to develop their skills, I would recommend lessons from a teaching professional. Unless you are born with a natural talent for the sport, which from my experience those so gifted are few and far between, lessons are the way to go. As I stated earlier I am self taught and have been playing for about 30 years. The learning curve is different for everyone, but I noted that most golfers who are good at other sports, especially baseball and hockey have a tendency to learn to play well. Having been self taught I had to experiment with different techniques over the years to improve my game. Until today I am still reading up on the latest and greatest on Instruction and Equipment and continuing to experiment to try to play better. With the increased popularity of golf, thanks in most part to the arrival of Tiger Woods on the scene, the teaching techniques and availability of teaching professionals has increased tremendously.

I would strongly recommend that lessons are the way to go. Golf is a sport which requires muscle memory for a repetitive swing. Once your swing techniques and mechanics are ingrained in the subconscious, it will be harder to correct if you do not learn properly at the onset. Having the proper basics is crucial for learning to play the right way. Golf will be so much more enjoyable if you play well and learn the proper techniques for the swing. There are a number of steps to master the correct golf swing and a teaching professional will be able to show each of them to you. You will learn much quicker than reading about them and experimenting for years like I did. Some of the steps are as follows: The Grip - How you set the club in your hands, The Set-Up - (How you address the ball) the positioning of your body and alignment in relation to the ball, The Waggle - This is a trigger or initial movement to allow the swing to start properly, Tempo - The speed and timing from the start of the backswing through the hitting area and the follow thru, Backswing - the move immediately following the waggle -the cocking of the wrist and the turning or coiling of the body together with the arms and shoulders away from the target to prepare for the Downswing, The Downswing - immediately follows the backswing and is the part of the swing where impact with the ball takes place including the pronation of the hands thru the hit, The Follow Thru - the completion of the golf swing which concludes the transfer of your weight from your right side to your left (for right handed golfers - opposite would be true for lefties) and body positioning to face the target.

If any of the aforementioned steps is not executed properly it can greatly affect the result of the shot. With the advent of Video Instruction, the instructor can play back the video and explain and show you exactly what you were doing right or wrong during the course of your swing. You’ve heard the expression that “One picture is worth a thousand words”, well it would most definitely apply in this case. Although you can read a book on golf or watch golf teaching videos ( some are very good), it is still not the same as being taught first hand by a professional.

Article source: Mike D’Auria