Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: Learn to Play Golf - Getting the Fundamentals Right

How To Play Golf

When you learn to play golf, be prepared for some of the most exhilarating moments in your life as well as the most frustrating as well. Rule number one; do not rush out to buy pro shop golf equipment without first considering a variety of factors. Golf equipment is manufactured based on several factors that cater to height, weight, playing style and more.

It is always advisable to start playing for a while to learn what sort of equipment will best fit your playing style. Think before you spend, arriving with a top of the line set of clubs will have everyone staring at you, fluffing your shots will have everyone laughing at you; further, you will be stuck with your very expensive clubs if they do not match your playing style.

  • Most club houses will offer lessons from beginner upward and you can learn to play golf renting the pro shop golf equipment to being with. Once you get into the game and figure out your playing style the pro will help you select the clubs that best suit your frame, height, swing style and length of shaft for your body movements.
  • Practice with it until you get a grip on sending the ball soaring in the air in a fairly straightforward manner. The turf is not supposed to accompany the ball though - just thought I would throw that in!
  • You could then progress to buying a set of used golf clubs, not necessarily a full set but a few clubs that includes the 3 wood, 5,7 and 9 irons, pitching or sand wedge and putter.
  • Choose the golf pro from the club you have signed up with and do not forget to ask for a package rate for several lessons, it is usually cheaper when you take several lessons together in a package deal.
  • When you learn to play golf you will need to concentrate on learning the basics, gripping the club correctly, standing the right way over the golf ball, swinging the golf club in the approved manner, putting right and so on.
  • Practicing on a driving range before you try the golf course is always a safer bet. Get your aim and choice of clubs right first - you need to be able to calculate distances and trajectory averages confidently before you really start playing.
Implementing these fundamentals to your game will secure you a better start. Most people think it is easy to learn to play golf, but it is not if you do not practice. Hitting the golf ball on your first swing session is probably the hardest part. Keep your eyes on the ball and focus and you will be safe.