Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: The Best Places to Play Golf in America

How To Play Golf

If you call yourself an avid golfer then there are few great places in America that you should know about and visit them at least once in life. If you planned a vacation to any of the destinations nearby these golf courses, then try to stay there for some extra time and play at a golf course to spend the most wonderful time of your life.

Here are few courses which well worth your visit.

Pebble Beach (California) - Your list could never complete without iconic course of Pebble Beach situated in California with rating of 74.3. It was designed by Jack Neville and set for play in 1919. Pebble Beach took little time to achieve instant status as one of the best golf playing courses of United States. Best Private Course: Augusta National Golf Club - It is as popular as Pebble Beach course, if not more so. The Augusta National Golf Club celebrates hosting of the Masters each year in the most sought after tournament of professional gaming. It was designed by Booby Jones who is remembered as a golf legend in history. The course presents some of the toughest holes of the world. You can play only if invited by a club member.

San Francisco Golf Course - This is a 18 hole regulation size championship golf course with PGA rating of 73. The course has some of the longest tees for par in United States. If you are looking for a challenge, that's great.

Ahwatukee Golf Course, Phoenix - This Phoenix situated golf course also got in the top 25 venues in US with many good reasons. Its design shows aesthetic thoughts of John Boulla. The course was first opened in 1973. It got PGA rating of 71.5 and it is great place for all type of golfers.

The Lakes at Ahwatukee, Phoenix - Gary Panks was its designer. This is a beautiful course and first opened in 1977. PGA gave it a rating of 62.6. It doesn't intimidate novice players yet it is a challenging place to all skill levels.

Kiawah Island, Ocean Course in South Carolina - We are at home of Hollywood movies. Are you ready to play in nasty wind blows, tough bunkers and raised fairways conspiring against you? This course has been rated as America's hardest golf course by Golf Digest.

You see I didn't try to present the same old top 10 golf courses list that is present all over on different golfing publications. Having done that, I will wait for some vigorous conversation on the topic from your side.