Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: Participating in a Professional Tournament of Golf

How To Play Golf

So you play golf every weekend with your friends and watch the occasional PGA event on television and you swear that a couple of the guys in your weekend group hit the ball with the same power and accuracy as the pros. You have not experienced golf until you have been to a professional golf tournament and watch the pros hit the golf ball real good. You will develop a whole new level of respect for pro golfers when you go to a live professional golf tournament and realize that the game looks easier on television than it is to play in real life and that the level that the pros play at in a professional tournament is way above what you and your friends play at on the weekends.

There is a grace and power to a properly executed golf swing that does not come across when you are watching a golf tournament on television. That feel of power, that hiss of the club as it cuts the air, and then the sound of impact do not come across on the television at all. To really understand the power of professional golf you need to feel it live at a professional tournament for yourself.

A pro golf tournament can also be a great bonding event for a father and son or any family members that happen to be a fan of golf. At my first professional tournament I remember seeing Raymond Floyd hit a hole in one. It was so much more exciting than it ever looked on television that it will remain as a memory for me for the rest of my life. Just like catching a home run at a pro baseball game, watching the players do their thing at a pro golf tournament is something you never forget the rest of your life.

Give it a try.

If you follow golf then you owe it to yourself to get to at least one live golf contest in your life. The experience is something you will never forget and you may even luck out and experience a professional hole in one as well. At a pro golf tournament you get to be so close to these world famous professionals that you could reach out and touch them if that was not frowned upon by the PGA. Give a live pro golf contest a chance and experience the power and grace of golf played by pros for you.