Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: Do You Need Golf Shoes to Play Golf?

How To Play Golf

For every sport there is a special shoe that helps to play the game better. But many new golfers do not wish to spend the extra money when they are just beginning and don't know if they will take the game seriously or not. So, you ask the question, "Are golf shoes really required?" Within the past few years changes have taken place that alter the necessity for golf shoes. They are now not really required.

Originally, golf shoes had straight steel spikes fastened to the shoe's sole in a threaded metal insert. The steel spikes were great for the shots that required a hefty powerful swing. They would help you to keep your feet fastened to the ground without slipping or sliding. However, the downside was that they left a lot of marks on the greens. The later in the day that you played, the more the greens were damaged and putting got more uncertain. Then, the greens had to be rolled with a heavy roller before the next days play.

Then, recently, the plastic spider-type spikes came along that are much kinder to the greens. Golf course managers were in favor of the new "soft" spikes because they made their job easier. Now, it is acceptable to play most courses with soft athletic shoes that do not have spikes, but you should check with the pro shop before doing so.

It can be difficult for a beginner to justify the additional cost of golf shoes, because they can be very expensive. Even though the spikes are now soft the shoes have not gotten cheaper. It might be better to delay that decision until you know if you're going to be a serious golfer, and if you're going to be such a powerful swinger that you actually need spikes.

When you finally decide to purchase golf shoes, take the time to shop around. There are hundreds of shoes to choose from and finding a pair that is right for you can take a while. Consider comfort first because you will be wearing them for up to 5 hours during your round. The style and color will be easier to choose because you know what you like. Do a trial fitting for every shoe you like, just as you would if buying street shoes. Choosing the right shoes can make you more comfortable while playing and, hopefully, improve your game dramatically.