Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf Winner: How to Learn to Play Golf - Find a Good Mentor

How To Play Golf

It does not need the kind of physical exertion that most of the other sports demand. All one needs is patience, willingness to learn and passion for the game. Apart from all this, what one also needs is a good mentor who can teach you how to play golf. Finding a good mentor is as important as finding the right golf equipment for your game.

This is because a bad introduction to the game of golf can ruin your stance and your swing for life. If these fundamentals of the game are taught the wrong way to start with, you can never hope to improve your game and hence, you would never be able to enjoy it.

Now, the question is - How to learn to play golf? The best way to learn to play golf is to take the help of professional trainers who are masters in their game. These professionals can help you grasp the nuances of the game of golf and make you a better player.

But the problem one faces with this method of learning is the cost factor. The golf equipment in itself is very expensive and it costs a bomb to buy the best equipment in the town. Add to that the high cost of the professional golf training program and your annual budget could go horrendously awry. In these times of recession, when everybody is walking a tight rope, nobody would want to spend a fortune on just to learn how to play golf. A cost effective way to learn to play golf is through the power of the internet.

The online world is a great source if you are finding cheap yet effective ways to learn to play golf. There are a lot of video tutorials and e-books available on the internet which has the A-Z about the techniques and tips of the golf game. Both, video tutorials and e-books are good sources to learn to play golf. But according to few learners, e-books have a slight edge over video tutorials, despite tutorials being a visual medium.

The first advantage of e-books over video tutorials is the cost factor. Compared to video tutorials, the cost of e-books is nominal and is easily affordable. The next advantage one gets with e-books is the portability factor. To access the video tutorials, one has to have a laptop or a computer with a fast internet connection, but e-books can simply be downloaded and read on any of the light and portable e-book readers available in the market. The portability factor is a huge plus because it means that you have access to your lessons anytime, anywhere.

And for those of you who think that visualization of the various swings and mechanics related to golf are a hard task with e-books, let me tell you that most e-book golf guides have fully illustrated pictures which make learning a cinch. At the end of the day, however, it all depends on personal choice and according to me; e-books are the best way to learn to play golf.

Happy golfing